Many of my clients rarely have staff meetings.  That is really a mistake.  Staff meetings are so very important to bond your staff together and to communicate to your team the mission you have for your dental practice.  Often dentists are at a loss about what to do at those staff meetings.  One suggestion I have has to do with a philosophy in a book written by a wonderful author Shep Hyken.  The book is called Moments of Magic.  

The idea is to have your team members write down on 3 x 5 cards incidents that happened in the office that made them feel so good, incidents that followed the mission of the office, things that they want to happen all of the time.  Then the team can talk about how to make those happen frequently. 

They should also write down on the cards Moments of Misery.  These are the incidents that made them feel terrible.  These are times when the patient is unhappy, the doctor is frustrated or a staff member is embarassed about what happened.  The idea here is to do everything possible to see that these things never happen again.  

The time spent discussing all these things is time well spent in the office.  It will vastly affect your production, collections and profit from the office. 

Make a plan to communicate this to your team and give them a few weeks to collect these items.  Then watch the excitement that happens at your staff meeting.