My husband, Tony, and I always think on the positive side of things.  When we are going to a Padres game, we always think that we will find a parking spot nearby and most of the time we find that spot! When we went to a celebration of 100 years of Naval Aviation in Coronado, CA a few years ago, we knew there was going to be abundant traffic, but we actually got stopped at the very top of the bridge when the planes had just started flying overhead and we played the accompanying music on our car FM! 

I love fireworks and I had planned for us to go into downtown San Diego to see the The Big Bang, as it was advertised for July 4.  We planned to go early and stay late to avoid most of the traffic.   During the day, my daughter called and suggested that we go to Rancho Bernardo High School instead.  She and our grandsons were willing to go there with us, but not all the way downtown, and not so early. Always glad to be with our grandchildren, we quickly changed our plans, fully expecting a lot of traffic there too.  We were not there early as we had previously planned, and there was a lot of traffic.  Again, we always find a way to look on the positive side of things.  We turned into the very full parking lot, I spoke to the attendant at the lot, I smiled a lot, and voila!  He let us into the lot where we could park without a lot of walking.  

We did not walk very far into the field where there were several thousand people of all ages, but we found a spot for our 5 chairs in a small open spot.  Within 15 minutes, the bright lights were turned off, and the fireworks started. We could not believe it when the fireworks exploded right above our heads, so bright and massive.  I was absolutely thrilled that the evening worked out so great!  There even were vendors where we could buy sno-cones for the boys.  It certainly was another memorable event for our family.  

Expecting the best, and thinking optimistically really works.  You get what you expect! Tomorrow, we get to take our boys to another Padres game. This time we will go on the trolley.  I wonder what great things will happen then!!