Flossie Riesner at convention 2015 - smaller pic Flossie Riesner, BA, MA is a national dental management consultant, international speaker, and president of Riesner Consulting PC, founded in 1999. She previously was a dental office administrator for over 20 years and has been in the dental field over 35 years. She has done over 300 consultations in 27 states. She can be reached at 215-378-9833 or by e-mail: flossie@riesnerconsulting.com


free consultation with dental management marketing serviceFull and direct access to Flossie Riesner as your personal dental practice coach and consultant throughout the on-site consult and your follow-up period. Flexible dental practice consulting schedule with your office remaining open and productive during the on-site consultation. Discussion with doctor(s) are typically held after hours at the convenience of the doctor(s). Flexible payment options to ensure that you don’t postpone needed professional consulting due to current budgetary constraints. Following Flossie’s recommendations will yield quick return on your investment. Flossie’s dental practice management consulting services are guaranteed to produce results for your practice equal to or greater than the fee. Flossie’s friendly, laid-back style and supportive manner will make the process fun and enjoyable for you and your staff.