Services provided are custom-tailored to your dental practice’s specific needs and challenges.

Flossie Riesner Consults with a DentistWe provide a personalized approach in every practice, developing all aspects of your practice to achieve maximum productivity and profitability.

Streamlining dental office systems to work as efficiently and profitably as possible:

• Teaching systems of scheduling for maximum productivity
• Developing systems of collections to make sure the doctor gets paid for what the office produces
• Handling dental insurance so the office grows in its profitability
• Training hygienists to provide a higher level of patient care
• Monitoring the success of the practice using documented measures of growth

Inspiring the dental office team to work well together with the doctor and each other so there is a win/win for everyone – the doctor, the staff, and the patients:

• Enhancing the doctor’s skills as a leader and coach of the staff
• Implementing incentive programs for staff members and creating a team approach to managing the practice
• Developing effective staff meeting protocols to use this time productively
• Minimizing the stress of staff management
• Improving office communications

free consultation with dental management marketing serviceExamining the effectiveness of the office physical plant, equipment, and delivery of care:

• Implementing better patient flow through the office for maximum comfort for all
• Ensuring that equipment is used and maintained properly
• Developing increased patient comfort during treatment

Increasing the marketing of the practice to increase patient loyalty and satisfaction and new patient numbers:

• Maximizing patient referrals
• Increasing visibility of the practice in the community
• Developing the practice website, and social media on the internet
• Training staff to present the best possible image of the practice in the office and on the telephone

Developing the practice into a group practice:

• Increasing the production and collections in order to increase the number of doctors
• Teaching techniques for successful partner relationships
• Coaching staff in the proper manner of scheduling for two or more doctors