Amtec Photos / Wikimedia Commons

This is the perfect time to look at the rates that you are paying on your home mortgage, vacation home mortgage, office building mortgage, practice loan, etc. 

Call your local banks and see if they want to help you lower the rates that you are paying. You might have to change your depository accounts to another bank, but that is a small inconvenience in return for years of lower interest on your loan or loans. Institutions like Bank of America, Bank of the West, US Bank, TD Bank, BB&T and others are offering really wonderful rates that could put much more money in your pocket monthly. 

Rates like 1% to start, then converting to 3.23% are possible right now.  Don’t delay.  Call the bank you are now using, plus other local banks and at a distance to see what they could do for you. Very few dentists ever default on their loans, so banks are glad to lend to you.

Now get started! Good Luck!