You are only one person and there is a limit to what you can do by yourself.  If you want to have the most productive, profitable dental practice, one of the secrets is to delegate to your staff anything and everything that you, the dentist, do not legally have to do.  

Your front desk staff can write the checks to vendors that you audit and sign later. Your hygienist can talk to patients about treatment she believes they will need to have done. She can teach patients about the treatments that they will have.  Your assistants can fabricate temporary crowns, remove cement from a temporary crown before a final crown seat, talk to patients about having additional treatment that same day, dry canals during endodontic procedures, and a host of additional treatments.  

Some doctors think that if a procedure only takes a few minutes of their time, that it is not worth teaching staff members to do it. What they do not realize is that these few minutes over and over during the day add up to what could have been time for additional chargeable treatments by the doctor.

The more that you delegate procedures to your staff members, the more productive you will be for the rest of your working career.