As the new year approaches, we all tend to look back and reassess the current year, and look forward to a new year when we can have even more fulfillment, prosperity and good health.  Here are some resolutions you might want to adopt for yourself and for your practice for 2024.

  • Truly pledge to take care of yourself in more ways than you have done in 2023.  Eat well, move more, worry less.
  • Look over the physical plant of your dental office from the front door, as if you were a patient.  Vow to repaint, redecorate, replant. Realize that the appearance of your office sends a message about the quality of your dental care. Invest in your practice!
  • Review all of the reports from your dental software.  Notice whether the Accounts Receivable is less than one month’s net production.  Look at the report of the credit balances – you must get that under control. Examine the report of Outstanding Insurance Claims over 30 days.  This should only be very few pages.  Hold your front desk personnel to a higher standard. 

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.  Contact me if you would like my help to build the dental practice and the life that you want for 2024.