During these Covid times, so much has been taken away from us and some days have been difficult.  So it happened that in June, 2021 my husband, Tony, and I started to think about getting a dog.  We had not owned a dog for over 30 years.  It was that old saying about when life begins – when the dog dies and the kids leave for college!  We were happy not having the responsibility of taking care of anyone!

But last June we realized that we did not plan on traveling a lot anymore, and we were home more, lazily watching programs on Netflix and Zoom.  A dog would add to our life. We knew we did not want a puppy.  Our friend knew a woman who had a darling dog, but she would have to be giving up her dog because she was becoming quite ill. Months passed and we still did not have a dog.  We started going to shelters but, just as we got there, the dog we wanted was already adopted. Our daughter suggested going to adoption events, and we attended a few without the dog we wanted.  

Amazingly, on November 1 our friend called and said, “I have your dog!”  OMG! I was in shock! The woman had passed away and the dog needed a good home. There was this adorable 8 pound Shih Tzu, Sachi. She was 4 ½ years old – just perfect for us. We were over the moon with joy.  

These last 9 months with Sachi have been glorious.  There is this charming little sweetie sitting next to us on the sofa.  She jumps with joy when we return to our home. We walk her 3 times a day.  She loves to have us play tug-o-war with her toys.  She sits, shakes hands, and stays because someone had taught her.  

Life just isn’t about work.  Add joy to your life! A dog (or cat) might be just the right thing for you!