I think it is really important to stay aware of all the things that are available for us today.  A dental assistant working at one of my clients’ offices told me last week about a 3-D printer that she saw at a dental meeting.  It is currently being used at the office of a friend of hers.  I had never heard of this before! Amazingly, their information says it can be used to make ceramic crowns, clear aligners, indirect bonding trays, night guards, dental models, surgical guides, dentures and aesthetic wax-ups – right in your office!  

I was guessing in my mind what a unit of this type would cost today, if it even was available. I thought $100,000?  At least $50,000?

So, I went on the website of this unit called SprintRay.  Now here is my disclaimer, I have not seen this unit, nor have I spoken directly to anyone using it, but it really sounds interesting, and I thought you should know about it too.  I downloaded their 50+ page information booklet and they quote the MSRP of $6750 with free phone and email support!!

Their logo says “SprintRay: The next 100 years of Dentistry” and I believe it. 

Take a look, you will be surprised at what you see!