We live day to day waking up, getting dressed, doing whatever work we are expected to do, preparing and eating meals on our regular schedule, and sleeping to refresh our bodies.  We give so little thought about when our lives could be over.

Last week I lost a dear friend that I ate with, played with, and sang with for many years.  Then one day she was shockingly gone, much too early by my thoughts.  She died of a brain aneurysm that she never knew that she had.  She was so vain, beautiful and full of life that she told everyone that she was 78 when, in fact, she was 82.  This was so very sudden that it shook me to my core.

I do not know if she ever thought about her financial affairs and who would take care of them in case of her demise. Or who would get her beautiful clothing or jewelry.  

Since then, I have made a vow to get my affairs in order and to communicate to my children how to take care of my accounts and possessions in case anything happened to me.

Give all this some thought and take action.  Someday, it may be too late.