You really believe that you can change lives by providing dental care to your patients, but do you provide that care regularly to your employees?  Do your staff members get dental checkups only when there is a cancellation that cannot be filled? Do they go months or years without dental care even though your handbook says that it is a benefit that you provide?

It is time to treat your employees better, by insisting that they put themselves in the appointment book of the hygienist for a checkup every 6 months.  If there is a cancellation and an employee can get treated during that time, then the appointment made can always be deleted. What you say and what you do will be the same and staff members will love you for it.

Staff members will be healthier and feel good about themselves.  They will be advocates of regular dental care to the rest of your patients and to their friends outside the office.

You will feel good about yourself too!  Put this in place right now!