You could be the very best dentist, with the friendliest manner, and have the most wonderful, friendly, competent team, but if your office is not immaculately clean, your office will not thrive.

It is absolutely worth the money spent to have your office professionally cleaned often enough to keep the entire office really clean. This includes the floors, the countertops and the equipment.  I have found that having your staff members do the cleaning on their down time, just does not generally result in the type of cleanliness I think is required.  

Staff members must be charged with the responsibility of cleaning and restocking all the bathrooms in the office several times a day.  Carpets need to be vacuumed daily when there are no patients in the office.

Also blinds need to be wiped regularly so they are dust free. The windows in your office of your office need to be sparkling clean.  I found that it takes a professional service to do this properly along with the items listed above.

The comment I would like every patient to make is, “The office is always so fresh and clean!”  If the patients cannot make that statement, nothing else about your services matter at all.