Meet one-to-one with your employees

So many of my dentist/clients are so fearful about telling employees the truth about their job performance. It amazes me how such intelligent highly-educated individuals could think that employees could read their minds! Perhaps the dentists can’t deal with the idea that the employee could cry from hearing the truth.

I consulted with a group practice that every six months did an evaluation of each employee. Many aspects of their job performance were rated on a scale from 1-10. The evaluations were all tallied and the employees were put in order with the highest number of points at the top of the list. Raises were given based on the order of these employees. Some employees even had special notes written about how they could improve. Great system!

The problem was that the dentists were all super nice, non-confrontive individuals and except for the employee seeing the raise in their paycheck, they never saw or heard anything about the evaluation! Not even the notes. How the dentists thought the employees would figure this all out and change their behavior is a big question to me!

The answer to staff management, in my opinion, is to be direct and honest with your employees. Meet with them regularly, especially the ones you want to improve. If there are tears, have tissues ready. They really do want to learn to be stellar employees. Help them to grow in their jobs!

Have regular one-to-one reviews with your employees and watch your team grow to be your Dream Team!