I love my dentist! He is THE BEST!

When we moved to California from Pennsylvania we had to find a new dentist. From the time that my husband Tony retired, we always had our dentistry done by our dental friends near where we lived. Now, in California, we had no dental community to depend on. It took us 5 years to find a dentist with whom we felt comfortable. Now I refer everyone I know to him!

My dentist did a crown for me last year on #31 – my first crown! When it came back from the lab and was being cemented, it felt great – perfectly comfortable. But he was not happy. He said the color was not right. It was on #31, who would ever see it? He said that one day I would be brushing my teeth and I would notice that it did not match, and he would rather send it back to the lab now, rather than later. Except for the inconvenience of wearing a temporary crown for another 2 weeks, there was no problem. The crown was beautiful, matching the surrounding teeth perfectly, and I love it.

This year, maybe because of stress due to Covid-19, I thought I noticed a crack in a lower bicuspid. I was not surprised that the hygienist said that I probably would need a crown on that tooth. When the dentist came in, I was already convinced, but he took the extra time to shine a light on the tooth so we both could definitely tell that there was a crack, and the tooth needed a crown.

Riesner family vacation

My daughter and her husband also have become patients of that office at my recommendation. Last week when she had her hygiene visit, the dentist told her that a few years back he had put some bonding on her upper cuspids and that it had become darkened. He said he had better materials now and that she should return to have that redone with the newer material, at no charge to her. She was just thrilled.

It is not a surprise that this dental practice is growing and growing. As a patient, I feel that the dentist really cares about me, my daughter and his other patients. This behavior builds loyalty like nothing else. Look out for what is best for the patient!