Thanks to Gabrielle Henderson @gabriellefaithhenderson on Unsplash.

So many doctors complain to me over and over again about the poor performance of a staff member.  They are so fearful that, if they confront the staff member, they might lose them because they will quit.  They keep hoping that their little suggestions that they make will get picked up and acted upon.  But, there is NO HOPE!

I have found that it is necessary to bring the non performing staff member “to choice.”  He or she will either choose to work in your office or not, depending on their behavior choices. Meet privately with the staff member and ask them if they like working in your office.  Then your next question is, “Would you like to continue working in my office?” They need to know in explicit, written terms, what it is that you want them to do at work. Then you need to ask them if they are willing to do those things.  If their answer is yes, then get their signature on the written list.  If their answer is no, then they have chosen not to work for you, and wish them good luck in someone else’s office. Close the meeting by setting up a follow up meeting date in two weeks to review the staff member’s performance again on those written items. This process can be repeated once more to give the staff member adequate time to change.  Then a third meeting should be set up to let the staff member know that they have chosen not to work in the office and to terminate them.

Have faith that there are many good staff members out there looking to work in your office.  You will not find them as long as you retain the poor performers.

It is your office and you will not have a thriving practice without fabulous staff members.

There is NO HOPE – unless you take action now!