I just spoke to a dentist who only charged out an exam once a year. How foolish! Dental insurance carriers pay for two examinations per year because it is cost effective for them! Small lesions diagnosed early mean smaller payouts for them. It is the same for your insured and non-insured patients. Patients should have an examinations twice a year!!

I wish dentists would realize how much staff members crave appreciation. It needs to be personal, directed to an individual, specific to something she/did and sincerely spoken. You will not believe how hard your employees will work for you if you just do that simple thing often!!

The best pearl I read recently for growing your dental practice came from Fred Joyal, of 1-800-DENTIST. In his book, “Everything Is Marketing” he recommends the dentist call new patients before their first visit to welcome them into your family of patients, and make sure their questions have been answered. What an amazing way to show that you care! Even if you reach their voice mail, they will love it.