One wonderful service that you can offer to your patients is the application of fluoride varnish not just for children, but for adults too. Years ago I can recall the consumer advocate, Ralph Nader, say, “If your dentist does not spend as much time helping you to take care of your teeth as he or she does fixing them, perhaps you should find another dentist!” Fluoride treatments are one of those inexpensive treatments that does just that!

dental checkup

Fluoride treatments help to strengthen the enamel of teeth by rebuilding the minerals, like calcium and phosphorus, that are lost by normal eating and drinking.

Fluoride reduces sensitivity that can make it uncomfortable at any time, from hot or cold foods.

Fluoride helps to prevent decay on the cervical surfaces of teeth, especially in older adults with recession.

I am in favor of charging a very low fee for this service, perhaps $15 or $20 per treatment at each hygiene visit, so that most adults will accept this treatment that is not often covered by dental insurance. This added service, which takes about a minute and with very little expense to the office, makes a positive difference in the lives of your patients, and could add $2000 per month in added revenue.

Try several products until your hygienists find one that is not very visible and well tolerated by your patients. Meet with your hygienists and develop a common philosophy throughout the office to support the use of this added service to patients. Congratulations on becoming The Preventive Dentist!