tooth as dentist from istockphoto

Starting up a new year is always exciting.  After all, we never know what that new year will bring.  Financial success or stress.  Good health or challenges.  Employee stability or strain.

But there is one thing that I learned years ago, that always helps a dental practice productivity. 

First of all, the doctor has to have a mentality that says, no matter what, every bit of dental care that the patients are willing to get done on a given day gets done that very day, if it is at all possible.  I call it “Same Day Dentistry”.  No whining about being tired.  No telling the staff to put the patient off for a few days.

This work often comes from emergency patients who call that day and say that they need to be seen, from patients who have treatment planned at a hygiene recall and are willing to stay and have it done, and from patients already in the doctor’s chair who are willing to have just one more tooth treated that day.  

Even one more treatment added each day can add thousands of dollars in productivity at the end of the month. If your staff members are on an incentive plan of some type, they will be your partners in this plan.  Do this starting right now in 2021 and watch your numbers soar!