A crazy roller coaster ride certainly leaves you dizzy and disoriented!  That’s how many of us feel after the last 16 months!  Masks, no masks!  Restaurants, no restaurants! Not inside, only outside!  Most of us are so confused about our day-to-day activities that we cannot visualize the future.  Nothing surprises me now!  

rollercoaster Photo by Ronny Coste on Unsplash
Photo by Ronny Coste on Unsplash

What I do see happening is that people of all income and education levels are making new choices for their lives.  Things happen that you would have never expected. Everywhere I go, I see “Now Hiring” signs.  Just last week a client informed me that his long-term office manager gave him two weeks’ notice of her leaving the practice.  Almost that same day, another client told me that his hygienist was leaving.  He was devastated at first since there were no hygienists to be had in his area.  

In both cases, these changes in staff are going to work out fine for the offices.  The office manager was wonderful but she had several health problems that kept her from doing her job fully.  The hygienist was the wrong personality for the dentist.  He needed a calmer person.  The new personnel who will be hired will bring a different feeling to the office.  Tension will be replaced by calm.

I was just notified that a former hygienist has now applied for the hygiene position and the doctor is happy to have her back. The office manager has not yet been replaced, but she will be. 

When these things happen, see it as an opportunity for change in your practice. New employees bring a new and different skill set to the job. Take your time to find the right person. Do not rush into hiring someone.  Look on the positive side.  Breathe deeply and know that things will be just fine!