Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

It takes so long to train a new dental assistant, especially one that has no previous dental experience. The best advice that I have given to my clients is to take a photo on your cell phone of each type of set up for treatment and have it printed on 8 x 10 glossy paper.  Make a copy for each of each of your treatment rooms and put it inside of a clear sleeve with a label.

Next have your experienced dental assistants make a list of each item that is needed for each set up. That should be printed on 8X10 paper and enclosed with the photo.

These set up lists and photos should be done for endodontics, surgery (even different types of surgery), composite restorations, crowns, etc.

You will be amazed how quickly the new dental assistants will learn what to do.

Also make a list of your most commonly used ADA codes.  Have this printed and kept in a clear sleeve for each treatment room.  The new dental assistants will be able to use this to enter treatment plans for each patient into your computer software.  

These two items will help to make your productivity soar!