Now is the time for you to look over your staff handbook to see if you have included social media concerns.  Last week a client called me, very worried about the practice’s image on the web.  It seemed that during work hours in the office, two staff members, dressed in the office uniform, were recording themselves on TickTok dancing to lewd music on the web. It was posted within seconds.  The next day, another staff member alerted the doctor that this video was online.  This is certainly not the way that this doctor or any practice would want to be seen by the public.  

Previously the doctor had put an addendum into his Staff Handbook forbidding such behavior, and use of the internet in the office.  The staff member was put on suspension due to her poor attitude about this matter and this is still to be resolved.  

Take preventive action now.  You always want your dental practice to show in the most positive manner publicly.  Revise your handbook to reflect what you want from your staff now.