“I received this in my email a few days ago.  What a great way to encourage your patients to come in for their hygiene appointments.  Have this at the front desk so personnel can quote this article when speaking to patients who are afraid to come in for an appointment.” – Flossie Riesner

dental team with covid-19 PPE
The New Look in Dental Practices

From ProBiora Health:

New research asks: Could there be a link between oral hygiene and the severity of COVID-19 infections?

The mouth is the gateway to the body. So it makes sense that good overall health starts with good oral health. New research indicates that oral health could be a critical factor in serious covid-19 complications.

Our latest blog explores a recent article in the British Dental Journal, which examines the potential link between the acute respiratory associated with COVID-19 and oral health and periodontal disease.

In the blog, we discuss the research and its conclusions including:

  • The role bacteria play in bacterial superinfections and complications such as pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome and sepsis
  • The correlation between COVID-19 complications and poor oral health and periodontal disease
  • The authors’ recommendation that “oral hygiene be maintained, if not improved, during a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection in order reduce the bacterial load in the mouth and the potential risk of a bacterial superinfection.”