Photo by Hakan Nural on Unsplash
Photo by Hakan Nural on Unsplash

It is so important that the doctor be the role model for the staff by getting a Covid-19 vaccine shot as early as possible, and document it photographically on Social Media and in the office. You cannot expect your staff members to get the vaccine if the doctor does not do it first.

You need to provide your staff with as much educational material as possible about the safety and effectiveness of the drug. Do this in the form of magazine articles, Social Media feeds, and newspaper clippings to encourage them to get the vaccine as soon as they are able. The CDC has information of this type on their website. The sooner that people get the vaccine, the sooner we will all be on our way to resuming our lifestyle prior to Covid-19.

It is not a good idea to require your staff members to get vaccinated because it will be very difficult to enforce this policy by terminating them from your office if they do not comply. It is also not recommended that you incentivize those who do get the vaccine by means of monetary gifts or extra time off. This could be seen as discriminating against those who for one reason or another will not get the vaccine.

You have been safely treating patients for months now without vaccines and just using PPE to help, and you also have to expect you will be treating unvaccinated patients as well in the months ahead, continuing to use PPE.

Even after you and your staff members are vaccinated, the wearing of the same PPE is still recommended and social distancing as well. We are all so very fortunate that less than a year after the virus hit the world, we have vaccines to help us get through this. It is expected that the number of new cases and deaths should decrease rapidly in the next few months. By this summer, we possibly will begin to have our old lives back. Hooray!