I read an item in my email today that was absolutely brilliant! With all the hundreds of emails that I get on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, I do not think that I ever saw this before. Yet, it is really a simple concept and I must give credit to Steve Anderson and the Crown Council for this important message. 

He said that in order to sell the best dentistry to your patients, you need to get your own dentistry done first! You need to have a great smile, healthy gums, white teeth, etc.  Your staff members also need to have great smiles, healthy gums and white teeth.  Then all of you will be living examples of the dentistry you want for your patients. You all will inspire your patients to want to be like you!

You do not have to provide all of your staff members’ dentistry, especially cosmetic dentistry, at no charge to them.  They should at least pay for the lab bills.  These charges could be taken out of their paychecks over a period of time.  If you believe in what dental care can provide in life enhancement for your patients, then that is also true for you and your staff members.  They will all end up missionaries for your practice.  They will be able to tell all of your patients how wonderful they feel about their teeth and their smile.  It will inspire your patients to get their work done too.