Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash

A few weeks ago, a client told me that two patients approached him in church and told him that there were things in his office that were not being managed well. Had they not been clients of long-standing, they probably would have just left the practice. They liked the dentist well enough to tell him the truth about his practice. He was clueless about this behavior by his staff!

First of all, the staff at the front desk were eating at their desks. Not just a little piece of fruit, but hot smelly food! The patients had noticed this on several occasions. Then, when they were in the chair, they were able to hear loud and lewd language from assistants outside of the treatment room in the sterilizing area.

Patients accept dental treatment plans based on the trust that they have for the dentist and the staff members. Seeing behavior that they perceive as bad management reflects on the level of dentistry of the practice. The staff demeanor in the office must be at the highest level at all times. Otherwise, your patients may decide to go to a dentist with better management skills!

Doctors, pay attention and insist on the professional atmosphere that great patients demand!!