This is the perfect time to have an extended-time meeting with your team members to set goals and plans for 2023.  It is important to communicate to your team where you have been for the last few years (with bar and line graphs) and where you would like to be in 2023.  

Involve all of your team in presenting the information from their areas: Collections, Production from each Doctor, Production from Hygiene, and the number of crowns, the number of periodontal scaling and root planing quadrants.

Have each department present new goals and what it can do to reach them.  Of course, all of this is to be accomplished in a completely ethical way. We want to improve the quality of our patients’ lives by what we do for them.

Set a special new collections goal for 2023 and what each staff member would receive if that is achieved by 12/31/23.  Your goal could be $2 million collected for 2023.  If reached each full-time staff member would get an extra $500.  Set up a new graph for this and have someone on the staff enter the progress toward the goal at lease every week. 

This will be hugely impactful for your office this year.  It is important that you talk about it at each staff meeting monthly or more often.